New ideas are seminal to any competitive value creation – not cut-copy-paste

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We just don't get the right idea, but help you with implementation, institutionalization and impact creation.

Growth Management

Whether you are a new company on a fast growth track or a well established company looking to reinvent yourself, we understand every facet of growth management. We have successfully helped companies develop a high-performance organization, operationalize world-class processes, setup accountable business performance models, created innovative business models and grow the core.

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Analytics And Big Data

Internet of Things (IOT), Social Media, Mobile technologies are generating an ever increasing quantum of data which contains insights too valuable to be ignored. You may have experimented with big data buzz and options, or have adopted a wait-and-watch approach. Nonetheless you know it's time to act, start planning, experimenting and evolving your data portfolio. Data indeed will be an important corporate asset in the decade to come.

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Corporate Capabilities

Organizational leadership surely wants to stay focused on strategy and corporate development, but their bandwidths get consumed by operational matters. A comprehensive framework of structure, processes and capabilities are required for management to focus on strategic matters with support from planning and strategy, finance and cross-functional swat teams.

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Business Transformation

You want to be a game changer. You would like to fundamentally reconfigure your business assets, models and resources to create sustainable growth and insurmountable competitive advantages. You want to leverage IT and create programs that can unleash the full value of your business potential.

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Operational Improvements

Margin improvements and asset efficiencies are targets for continuous improvements in organizations that create and sustain cost leadership. Our targeted approach helps companies identify and prioritize opportunities for improvements, and action through cross-functional teams. We bring strong program management to deliver tangible value in a measured and timely manner.

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Customer Centricity

Customer focus figures as a strategic theme across every organization. However, not many organizations can successfully create and implement a roadmap that will fundamentally change the value offering to customer, customer perception of your brand, customer engagement models, back-end operational, organizational and IT capabilities to be truly customer-centric

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We bring in-depth understanding of the industry with our Crystal Ball approach.

Pharma & Chemicals

Whether you are a large pharma giant with an evolved product portfolio and high bets on the NCE pipeline, or a growing leader in focused specialties or an upcoming API manufacturer, we bring a fine understanding of the pharma value chain across different business models. We believe we can help you in your journey to be a dominant leader in the industry.

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EC & O

Our expertise spans large and complex mechanical, civil and electrical engineering services, HVAC, wind energy and renewables, precision tools and engineering, real estate and construction businesses. We have a long trail of innovative client impact stories that had created long-lasting value.

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Proprietary 2S Content for retail helps companies with strategic decision support across strategic buying, merchandising planning and management, distribution and warehousing, store operations, customer experience and channel sales management. We provide high impact analytics models for customer, marketing, merchandising and infrastructure analytics.

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2S brings a unique combination of industry value chain know-how, data models and IT tools that can create substantial value impact. Our approach for BFSI highlights on identified levers of value creation that helps organizations focus on revenue improvements, cost optimization and better asset efficiencies. Further, there's a proprietary framework that builds in best practices from Value Based Management principles.

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Innovative and out-of-the-box approaches are called to solve the industry conundrum - reduce healthcare costs while improving clinical outcomes, quality and patient satisfaction. Wider patient and clinical data availability can change the provider models greatly. We offer a unique set of solutions and services that addresses all the key pain points.

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We bring world-class experience across various manufacturing setups from discrete to process manufacturing. We have successfully helped companies with initiatives on efficiencies and productivity improvements, cycle times improvements, product and customer portfolio optimization, capacity planning, etc.

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The 2S HCare360 Analytics product helps reduce the healthcare industry challenges and creates opportunities for improving quality, enhancing efficiencies and reducing cost. Our vision of product is to enhance managerial decision support capabilities through out-of-the-box content and intuitive discovery and exploration of your data. The main modules focus around building key capabilities around financial health , operational and administrative efficiencies
  • Performance Management
  • Financial Analytics
  • Operational Analytics
  • Strategy and Planning


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